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Meet The Speakers

Key Conference

The event will centre on several themes that will dominate discussions in businesses everywhere for the next decade: psychosocial risk management, burnout, the integrated approach to workplace mental health, and sexual harassment prevention.

Each of these themes are about creating good work that is good for people, profits and the planet. So expect links to sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. A transdisciplinary approach is required, and PHS Con will cater to all audiences from human resources and health and safety related fields of work.

Psychosocial Risk Management

With all Australian states to have WHS regulations in force, there is an ongoing need to understand what good looks like to prevent foreseeable psychological harm to workers. Hear from experts and WHS regulators.


One of the biggest themes coming out of the Covid pandemic will be discussed by the two foremost experts on the topic sharing how organisations can move towards sustainable people performance.

The Integrated Approach to Workplace Mental Health

10 years on from the landmark journal article, we have assembled the three main authors to discuss progress, including how the model has been adopted internationally by the likes of the WHO and ILO.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Following the Respect@Work report in 2020, sexual harassment prevention has moved from a purely IR issue to a clear WHS issue. Hear from experts on how to address unsafe behaviour systemically through a risk-based lens.


7:45 – Registration and Arrival Tea and Coffee

8:30 – Conference Welcome (Liz Payne Chair)

8:45 – Live Podcast Recording: The Burnout Challenge (Dr. Michael Leiter)

9:45 – Audience Q&A

10:00 – Morning Tea

10:30Marie Boland (Interviewed by Lucy Brogden)

11:15David Burroughs (Interviewed by Dr. Kathryn Page)

12:00 – Lunch (Book signing by Dr. Michael Leiter)

12:45 – Industry Case Study: Westpac (Jenny Griffiths & Helena Koczka)

1:10 – Industry Case Study: Qantas (Brooke Dwyer)

1:35 – Industry Case Study: Redcross Lifeblood (David Savio)

2:00 – Case Study Panel Audience Q&A

2:30 – Afternoon Tea

3:00Zagi Kozarov on the High Court Case (Interviewed by Catherine Dunlop)

3:45 – Legal Panel: Kate Connors, Petra Stirling & Andrew Douglas (Moderated by Melinda Upton)

4:45 – Wrap Up Day 1

5:00 – Networking Food and Drinks

6:00 – Close

6:30-9:30 - VIP Dinner (Dress Business/Neat Casual)

8:00 – Registration and Arrival Tea and Coffee

8:30 – Day 2 Welcome (Liz Payne Chair)

8:45 – Live Podcast Recording: Burnout Research Past and Future (Prof. Christina Maslach – via Zoom)

9:45 – Audience Q&A

10:00 – Morning Tea

10:30I. David Daniels (Interviewed by Wade Needham)

11:15 – Higher Education Panel: Megan Clark, Julia Ellershaw, Kim Grady (Moderated by Dr. Alicia Papas)

12:00 – Lunch

12:45 – Industry Case Study: Aurizon (Dr. Maria Mazaheri)

1:10 – Industry Case Study: Rio Tinto (Lauren Riley)

1:35 – Industry Case Study: Origin Energy (Scott Creighton)

2:00 – Case Study Panel Audience Q&A

2:30 – Afternoon Tea

3:00 – Integrated Approaches Panel: Prof. Tony La Montagne, Prof. Angela Martin, Dr. Kathryn Page (Moderated by Jason van Schie)

4:00 – WHS Regulator Panel: Jim Kelly, Amy Salmon & Sally North (Moderated by Joelle Mitchell)

4:50 – Wrap Up Day 2

5:00 – Close

Tuesday 18th – 9:00 to 12:00
Masterclass #1 (Psych Health and Safety 101)

Tuesday 18th – 1:00 to 4:00
Masterclass #2 (The FlourishDx Framework for Psychological Health and Safety)

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