Terms & Conditions

1. Event Details

1.1. THE Psych Health and Safety Conference (“Event”) is scheduled to take place over two days on 19-20 June 2024 in Sydney, Australia.

1.2. The Event will feature international and local speakers presenting in-person or virtually, and participants have the option to attend in person or online.


2. Ticket Purchase

2.1. By purchasing a ticket to the Event, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Tickets are available for purchase on the official Event website and/or through authorised ticketing platforms.

2.3. Tickets may be purchased for the following categories:

  • In-person attendance
  • Virtual attendance

2.4. Optional extras available for purchase include:

  • VIP dinner ticket (19 June 2024)
  • Half-day masterclass ticket (18 June 2024)


3. Payment and Refunds

3.1. Payment for tickets and optional extras must be made in accordance with the pricing and payment terms specified on the Event website.

3.2. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for tickets or optional extras, except as required by applicable law.


4. Event Access

4.1. Attendees must present a valid ticket for admission to the Event, either in physical or digital format, as specified by the Event organisers.

4.2. Attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements if attending the Event in person.


5. Recording and Content Access

5.1. All Event sessions and content will be recorded. Attendees agree that recordings, presentations, and materials from the Event may be made available to participants for a period of 6 months post-event.

5.2. The Event organisers retain all intellectual property rights to the recordings, presentations, and materials.


6. Code of Conduct

6.1. Attendees must adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respectful and professional behaviour. Violations of this code may result in expulsion from the Event without a refund.


7. Liability

7.1. The Event organisers shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, damage, or theft that may occur during the Event, whether in person or virtually.


8. Changes to the Event

8.1. The Event organisers reserve the right to make changes to the Event schedule, speakers, or program without prior notice. Such changes do not entitle attendees to refunds.


9. Governing Law

9.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia.


10. Contact Information

10.1. For any questions or concerns regarding ticket sales or these Terms and Conditions, please contact: events@flourishdx.com